Hello guys!!

I am Aditi Lodha, welcoming you all to my blog askaditi.com 

Just my name as my intro is not sufficient, right?

So I am here to answer all your W & H questions to build a better understanding of me. So, here we go 

WHO? – To begin with my background, I am Aditi Lodha, an aspiring digital marketer with high sentiments but at the same time a person with some good analytical ability and flexibility to changes and new ideas. No no don’t consider it as if I am boasting myself. This is something very true about myself. 

WHERE? – I was born, brought up in India, a true Indian by heat !! 

 HOW? – The reason for me choosing digital marketing as a career was simply the attention this field got from society. This topic instigated a curiosity in me of wanting to learn more about it. So I started my journey in its field and today I am here in front of you.

WHY?- I am a person who likes to express my thoughts and feelings, and no other platform or medium can prove to be better than writing blogs. So from today I am starting my journey as a blogger and giving wings to my mind to explore the blogger in me with all your support.

I hope this little piece of information was helpful in getting an idea about me as a person.

Hope to see you soon with the next blog.

Thank you!!