I had the pleasure to interview “thesassysasha”, a food blogger well known for bringing to you fancy and easy peasy recipes !!

Sakshi urff Sasha comes from a family who loves food and restaurants. She too had a liking towards cooking and exploring different cuisines and taste the different flavours of the country. Involving herself in such expeditions and exploring the taste of India pushed her towards her career of becoming a food blogger.

And now she is an Indian Food Blogger and Reviewer !!

Let’s see what she has to say when she is asked about –

Q1) When and why did you start blogging?

As you now know that I am a person who loves to travel to taste the different flavours of India. So, this made me think why not I become the medium to share  such lovely and amazing experiences I had with my fellow citizens and help the recognise the vriety of flavours flourishing in our country India.

Q2) Did you ever think that you would be successful at blogging when you started?

I never started blogging with an intension or hope of becoming successful or popular among other blogges. My main idea was to bring forward the various hidden talents and taste that ae within easy reach of each and everyone but no one is aware. i.e my sole idea was to explore the unexplored taste of India.

Q3) Do you try out unique dishes that you come across in resturant when you go for reviews?

I dont try out the entire dish but good concepts tend to stay with you, which you rember when you cook. So, I basically serch for the concept behind the invention of each dish. For example, Once I tried gajrela cream cups which was a fusion of creamyice-cream with carot halwa. This was smething new and now when I am up to preparinf carrot halwa this concept will definitely intend me to use the same in my dish.

Q4) What led you tranform your food review blog to also share recipies?

My initial blogs were on different tastes and flavours of India. These flavours ignited a urge in me to try out these exclsive recipies on my own giving them a personalised touch of “thesassysasha” , which in turn made be come up with nteresting recipies inspired from these dishes and slowly i also started blogging about various recipies and concepts of their invention.

Q5) What’s on your food bucket list ?

I have an incredible long list of things I want to try, starting ith my Taste The World challenge.


Lets wrap up this short and crisp interview with a rapid fire-

1.Favourite savoury ingredient to cook with ?

Garam Masala

2.Favourite sweet ingredient to cook with?


3.When you arre lazy you cook?

Khichdi- It is very quick to make and my family enjoys it a lot.

4.My pick me up dish ?

A hearty meal of rajma rice

5.celebrity you would love to cook for ?

Chef Vikas Khanna

6.Baked or fried?


7. What makes you travel to taste?

My taste buds, which likes to taste something new and unique always.

8. Whats the strength of your food blogs?

Thw instant and quic rcipies, which are liked by the youths a lot.

9. Who inspired you to cook or become a foodie?

My parents, My family.

10.One word to describe your blogging experience till now?



It was a great interview with Sakhshi urf Sasha.

Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.